September 2001 Archives

September 25, 2001

Associated Press: Starbucks apologizes for charging NYC rescue workers for water

September 24, 2001

Wired News: GPS races to speeders’ rescue

September 22, 2001

Washington Post: To attacks’ toll add a programmer’s grief

September 21, 2001

TechTV: FBI investigates web domains: suspicious names registered before attack

Washington Post: Anti-terror push stirs fears for liberties Freedom and security during war

CNET Yahoo News hacked, story changed

September 20, 2001

CNET eBay’s charity auction upsets some sellers (note the statement near the end of report that PayPal is deducting credit card processing costs from Red Cross donations — PayPal’s web site says that “100% of the proceeds” will be donated)

September 19, 2001

Wired News: Coalition to Congress: slow down (also see In Defense of Freedom)

September 17, 2001

NBA Playerfile: Michael Jordan

CNN: Microsoft to alter ‘Flight Simulator’ game

September 16, 2001

Seattle Times: Lingering U.S. rights vs. safety debate is revived

September 15, 2001

Los Angeles Times: Activist groups on lookout for erosion of civil liberties

Washington Post: Terrorism bills revive civil liberties debate

September 14, 2001

Wired News: Senate OKs FBI net spying

Wired News: Civil liberty the next casualty?

Wired News: Hiding like snakes in the e-grass

September 13, 2001

InformationWeek: Report: FBI seeks e-mail about attacks; E-mails link Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network to Tuesday’s bombings

Computerworld: FBI to investigate Internet’s role in terrorist attacks; Washington Post: Privacy trade-offs reassessed; objections to surveillance technology face new test after attack

InformationWeek: Cyberscuffles follow terrorist attacks; Newsbytes: Hackers discuss retaliatory cyberstrikes

Wired News: Congress mulls stiff crypto laws

Los Angeles Times: Officials call for more net security

Privacy Headquarters: How to aid investigators (a guide for financial institutions dealing with requests for information by law enforcement authorities in the wake of terrorist attacks)

Space Imaging: Attack on America (pre-attack and post-attack satellite photos)

ZDNet Anchordesk: Aftermath: How terrorists attacked your privacy rights, too

Computerworld: Consumers warned to beware of online disaster-relief scams; eWeek: Tragedy attracts spammers (also see CNET,, MSNBC, Wired News, and ZDNet News)

Computerworld: FBI issues cyberthreat advisory

The New Republic: Law and Order (by Jeffrey Rosen)

The Register: Taleban site hacked and defaced

September 12, 2001 Front pages from Tuesday special editions; Front pages from the day after

CAUCE: Email groups warn of terrorism-related scams online CERT says no cyber-terrorism accompanied attacks (also see Interactive Week)

Wired News: Anti-attack feds push Carnivore (also see CNET, MSNBC, The Register, and ZDNet, for additional coverage of FBI serving search warrants on ISPs)

September 11, 2001

Politechbot: Anonymous remailer operators start to take remailers offline (also see Network World) — but see a contradictory report in The Register

September 09, 2001

BBC News: Offensive e-mail lands law firm in trouble

September 03, 2001

SatireWire: Windows not a virus

Ananova: Defendant faces the music rather than paying fine (Ohio man convicted of disorderly conduct is ordered to listen to four hours of polka music)

September 01, 2001 Copywrong? A government report giving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act a passing grade is a disaster for the general public, say critics

Privacy.Org: Rental car agencies install tracking devices MAPS, Media3 settle mail-blocking case