Your Statue of Limitations Is Up

Your Statue of Limitations Is Up

Some practice tips:

  • A piece of legislation is a “statute,” not a “statue.” (See document below, page 3.)
  • The principal is your pal. So is the original amount of a debt. That’s an important
    principle. (Page 6.)
  • Microsoft Word’s spellchecker notwithstanding, tortfeasors usually act “tortiously”
    rather than “tortuously.” (Page 5.)
  • Be careful with punctuation, as it can change the meaning of a sentence. “Wrong bitches”
    means something entirely different from “Wrong, bitches”; and “Sorry bitches” means
    something different from “Sorry, bitches.” (Pages 3 & 4.)
  • It tends to be counterproductive to refer to “ass clown judges” or “this goddamn piece
    of shit” in a petition for rehearing. (Pages 2, 4-6.)

(Hat tip: Lowering The Bar via The Volokh Conspiracy.)

October 19, 2010

Hulk smash trademark infringement!

Puny power tool manufacturer, don’t make Hulk angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

THR, Esq., the Hollywood Reporter’s entertainment law blog, reports that Marvel has sued a manufacturer that is using the name Hulk as a brand name for air compressors. Airbase Industries applied last year to register HULK as its own trademark for power and hand tools (USPTO serial number 77757650); Marvel has opposed that application. Marvel has now filed suit against Airbase in federal court, alleging trademark infringement and various other claims.

MVL Rights v. Airbase Industries – Complaint