January 2002 Archives

January 27, 2002

Reuters: SEC uses fake site to warn investors (also see McWhortle Enterprises)

January 25, 2002

Turning Macs on thievery (theft victim hacks into stolen computer, instructing it to call home)

Privacy.Org: FTC proposes changes to Telephone Sales Rule (also see FTC press release)

January 20, 2002

Wired News: Abandonware: Dead games live on

ZDNet UK: .Net vote rigging illustrates importance of Web services (Microsoft attempts to stuff ballot box)

January 17, 2002

Reuters: CD creator burns copy-protection efforts (Philips blocks use of trademarked “compact disc” logo on copy-protected CDs that won’t play on computer CD-ROM drives or DVD players)

Wired News: Europe GPS plan shelved

January 16, 2002

Yahoo! News: Six shot at Virginia law school (also see Appalachian School of Law)

Reuters: Actor’s plaque mistakenly honors King’s assassin

January 13, 2002

Wired News: Cybercourts set for tech trials

January 11, 2002

Ed Anger in Weekly World News: You gotta be an idiot to put pineapple on your pizza

Washington Post: Judge flunks Microsoft school plan (also see CNN/Money, CNET News.com, and InternetNews.com coverage)

Wired News: Elmo so tickled he can sing

January 10, 2002

Chicago Tribune: Sick of signing on to unsolicited pornography

January 07, 2002

CNET News.com: Appeals court upholds anti-spam law (also see Ferguson v. Friendfinders, Inc.)