July 2002 Archives

July 30, 2002

CNN: Bugs Bunny tops greatest cartoon characters list

MSNBC: ICANN ordered to open records (also see the court’s ruling, AP, CNET News.com, Bret Fausett’s icann Blog, and ICANN’s surreal spin)

July 26, 2002

Wired News: Deep linking takes another blow

CNET News.com: Yale alleges an ivory tower break-in (also see Associated Press, Washington Post, Yale Daily News)

July 22, 2002

New Scientist: Maths improves baseball batting line-up (mathematician says best hitter should bat second, not fourth)

July 21, 2002

The Recorder (via Law.com): Name dropping: Wide trademark impact could be felt in suit over sale of cheaper brand under Shell canopy (meatspace imitates cyberspace, or something like that, as Shell Oil Co. files initial interest confusion trademark suit against San Francisco Shell franchisee that advertises both Shell brand and cheaper gas under Shell sign)

July 15, 2002

What does “medireview” mean? Apparently Yahoo Mail quietly changes all instances of “eval” in HTML messages and attachments to “review,” and makes similar substitutions for other words that also correspond to Javascript commands. And apparently many people copy text from Yahoo Mail to other places without noticing the substitutions made by Yahoo. As a result there now are thousands of published articles, reports, CVs, web pages, and other documents that use words like “medireview,” “reviewuation”, “Chreviewier,” “prreviewent,” and “retrireview.” (See RISKS Digest (11 April 2001), NTKnow (12 July 2002), New Scientist, and this list of Yahoo’s word substitutions.)

July 12, 2002

CNET News.com: Judge: See ya later, Gator (federal court orders parasitic web ad firm to stop displaying popup ads over competitors’ sites)

ShutYourPhoneUp.com attempts to educate rude mobile phone users. The site includes a form you can use to send an anonymous message to someone telling them about their poor mobile phone etiquette.

CNET News.com: Canning spam without eating up real mail

July 10, 2002

Reuters: PBS discusses advertising with FCC (the 15-second “sponsorship messages” are a minor annoyance — what they really ought to crack down on are the interminable pledge drive breaks)

July 08, 2002

Wired News: Deep link foes get another win (also see CNET News.com)

CNET News.com: eBay picks up PayPal for $1.5 billion (also see AP, CNN Money, InternetNews.com, Reuters)

July 03, 2002

CNET News.com: Yahoo relaunches with streamlined look (Yahoo’s popular web site directory now appears in smaller type buried in a corner of Yahoo’s home page. For a more usable version, go directly to dir.yahoo.com instead)

July 02, 2002

Salon.com: It’s time for ICANN to go (interview with John Gilmore)