November 2001 Archives

November 28, 2001

Wired News: Routes of least surveillance (how to avoid surveillance cameras in NYC) (also see iSee)

N.Y. Times (via Int’l Herald Tribune): Rivals mobilize alternatives to U.S. system (Europe, China, Russia, and Canada are developing navigation systems to serve as alternatives to U.S.-controlled GPS)

November 21, 2001

AP: Health care company unhappy with Philip Morris’ planned
name change to Altria
(Altria Healthcare Corp. says it doesn’t want to be associated with cigarette maker)

Wired News: No thumbprint, no rental car

November 20, 2001

CNET Customers put kibosh on anti-copy CD

SatireWire: Lung cancer to change its name to Philip Morris

November 12, 2001

ABC News: a badly placed American Airlines ad (via and FARK)