February 2002 Archives

February 28, 2002

Declan McCullagh’s Politech: Calif. governor candidate, DNC chairman turn to political spam

February 27, 2002

N.Y. Times: The murky debate over an Internet address database (controversy over use of Whois domain data by marketers)

February 21, 2002

Washington Post: Anti-telemarketers send out a very busy signal

Wired News: Ads play to users’ privacy fears

February 19, 2002

Wired News: Not all Asian e-mail is spam (many ISPs block all incoming e-mail from Asian countries, because so much of it is spam)

February 15, 2002

InternetNews.com: Lindows.com CEO opens ‘Windows’ to trademark case

February 08, 2002

Newsbytes: Court rules ‘thumbnail’ images ok, full-sized copies not (also see Kelly v. Arriba [PDF])

February 03, 2002

Newsbytes: Court orders Kazaa closed, but it stays open

Wired News: Trillian won’t heed AOL’s message (AOL battles to prevent interoperability with small firm’s messaging application, claiming security is at issue)

February 01, 2002

InternetNews.com: Weight loss company sues search engines

Newsbytes: Napster case: Is judge turning tables on labels?