April 2002 Archives

April 27, 2002

InternetNews.com: Online privacy bill raising ‘grave’ e-commerce concerns (of course, the industry would have similar concerns about a law against fraud)

April 16, 2002

Washington Post: High court overturns ‘virtual’ porn ban (also see CNN) — Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (Apr. 16, 2002) [alternate location]

AP (via Wired News): Web group OKs privacy standards (also see W3C’s main P3P site)

April 08, 2002

CNET News.com: Web surfers brace for pop-up downloads

April 02, 2002

Wall Street Journal (via Politech): Microsoft’s anti-Unix website runs, well, Unix; CNET News.com: Anti-Unix Web site on the fritz? (This week, Microsoft launched a web site intended to persuade people to switch from Unix to Microsoft’s server software … but it was quickly discovered that the site was running on the free Apache web server software, under an open-source version of Unix … so an embarrassed Microsoft moved the site to a server running its own software … which promptly crashed.)